I'm a daughter, a feminist, a sister, a friend, a lover.
And this, I suppose, is some brief insight into how I see the world and what matters to me most.
Or what my passing fancies are.

You can just call me Tyg.
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  • "A woman sitting by herself is not waiting for you."
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  • "I want you to tell me you love me
    even though I annoy you. Don’t
    tell me you were lying, but tell me
    it’s okay; that who I am is okay. I
    want you to tell me you’re not
    sorry for saying I tire you, but
    that you’re okay with being tired.
    Everyone wants to know that
    their terrible things aren’t too
    terrible to handle, and I know
    you see all mine: my self-hate
    and indecisiveness and the
    sadness that stays for days. The
    ridiculous need for you to say
    goodnight, the way I forget that
    you love me even when it’s obvious.
    I want you to stop saying sorry for
    hurting me and instead just stop
    hurting me. I want you to
    overwhelm me with things that
    are good about me whenever you
    decide to tell me what I need
    to change so that I can tell myself
    that even though I failed at
    something, there are these other
    things that I did right."
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    Yet ppl don’t understand how white privilege still exists in brown n black countries

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    From Hong Kong to Ferguson: Justice now! Freedom now! Democracy now! Human rights now! Peace now! Equality now!

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    Pepsi-Cola, June 1959

    ads, tho.

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  • jizzkin:

    straight people on tv show: *literally have sex*


    gay people on tv show: *exist*

    ok.. :\ but… ok like im not homophobic… :\ im ok with gay people but why do you have to shove it in my face… :\

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    boys who hate bright lipsticks because “itll get all over them” fail to realize it will come nowhere near them

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